I do not receive any reminders or loyal customer offer

After your first annual subscription, you can extend your subscription to a loyal customer price every year. An offer will be sent to you by e-mail 45 days before your ongoing subscription expires.

After that, two more reminders will be sent out that your subscription is expiring. This happens when there are 10 and 3 days left on the subscription.

If you do not receive our offers or reminders, it may be due to the following.

  1. You have chosen not to receive any emails from us. This means that no newsletters, offers and reminders are sent to your e-mail address.
    - You change this by logging in to our website www.arkivdigital.net
    - In the menu, select My page (the menu can be found by clicking on the three vertical lines, to the right of the Logout button).
    - In the address field, click on the green dot where it says Newsletter. When the dot is green, you allow newsletters.
    - Click Save.
  2. The message has been sorted as junk mail.
    - Check the junk mail. If our message is there, mark it as "not spam". In this way, you teach your e-mail program that our messages are not spam.
  3. The message has been sorted as spam.
    - In some e-mail programs you can find messages that have been sorted as spam, but it can also have been deleted. You can prevent our messages from being sorted as spam by adding our address kundtjans@arkivdigital.se to your address book.

If you need further assistance, contact our customer service:

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