Import a GEDCOM file

Follow these instructions to import a GEDCOM file to the Family tree in ArkivDigital.

The format of the GEDCOM file has to be UTF-8 or ANSEL.

The upper limit is 50 000 people.

How to create the GEDCOM file from the program or service you are using now, check for instructions in the program/service.

Once the GEDCOM file is created, it can be imported to ArkivDigital.

  • Click on the blue button Family tree at the top left in the program OR pull the small grey square with a small ancestral tree in it. Pull to the right.
  • Two choices appear on the screen:
    • Import Family tree
    • Add a person
  • Click on Import Family tree when in the starting view of the family tree.
  • Select the GEDCOM file you want to import.
  • Choose the person you want to have as the Main person in the family tree.
  • Click on Import.
  • A message appears on the screen telling that the file has been recieved and that the family tree is updated when the GEDCOM is imported. An e-mail is also sent when the import is finished.
  • When the import is finished, another message appears telling how many people are imported, how many families, events, sources and notes. Click on OK to continue.
  • Start exploring the Family tree.
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