Invite others to view your family tree/Invited to view a family tree

You can invite others to view your family tree. You can invite up to 25 people for each family tree that you have.

How to invite:

  • Click on Settings (the gear symbol) on the bottom right in the family tree view.
  • In the box that appears on the screen, all the family trees are shown on the left side.
  • For each family tree there are three symbols:
    * Sharing
    * Edit (a pen)
    * Trash (delete family tree)

    Press on the sharing symbol for the family tree that you want to share.

  • In the new box that appears, the name of the chosen family tree is written at the top. Click on
    Invite to family tree at the bottom of the box.
  • In the new box, read the information and then enter the e-mail address to the person being invited.
  • Click on OK to send the invitation.
  • Repeat if you want to invite more people to view your family tree.

NOTE! The person that recieves an invitation has to be registred at ArkivDigital with the e-mail address that the invitation was sent to.


How to view a family tree that I have been invited to:

  • Log in to the program at
  • Open the family tree view by clicking on the blue button marked Family tree, or click and drag the grey square button at the bottom left in the program.
  • At the bottom right by the gear symbol for Settings, there is a text saying there is a tree invitation. The gear symbol is also red. Click at Settings and accept the invitation.
  • You now have access to view the family tree but you can't edit any information and you can't see any images that are linked to the family tree (as links to source citations).


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