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There are subscriptions with different content and length to suit all our customers. Current prices for the different subscriptions are available on our website:


Our subscriptions are Base and All-in-One and is available in the following lengths of subscriptions:

  • 1 month - only Base
  • 3 months - only Base
  • 6 months - only Base
  • 1 year - Base and All-in-One


Subscription content:

Base subscription

  • Archive dokuments: Includes all the documents in the online archive, except aerial photographs and the SCB - Agency for agriculture statistics, the Public Governmental statistical reports for agriculture 1944.

  • Register:
    • The Population of Sweden 1950 name index.

All-in-one subscription

  • Archive dokuments: Includes all the documents in the online archive.

  • Register:
    • The Population of Sweden 1860-1930
    • Swedes in USA 1940
    • Population of Sweden 1950 and 1960 name indexes
    • Inventory of estate
    • Portrait collection from Stockholm photography studio: Jaeger, Bergne and Welinder, from 1920 and up to the 1970's.
    • Birth-death-marriage indexes between 1666-1894 for Västra Södermanland.


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Subscriptions can be ordered by logging on to our website using the credentials you chose at your registration.

Payment options: credit card
ArkivDigital accept VISA and MasterCard

Secure online payments

ArkivDigital uses an external service called Payer for secure payments over the Internet. This ensures a high level of security through encrypted services. No data is saved and the ArkivDigital are not able to see some brief information.

If your payment is not carried out properly, contact Customer Service by e-mail kundtjanst@arkivdigital.se.

Subscription activation

As soon as we receive your payment, your ordered subscription days will be available. If you currently have some remaining subscription days from a previous order, the newly ordered days will be added to your current subscription.

Renew subscription

You must order a new subscription to ArkivDigital. There isn't any automatic renewal of subscriptions.

Orders for new subscriptions are made through the website www.arkivdigital.net or by contacting customer service.






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